We launched the first phase of the Design Together, Live Better initiative in May 2015 in partnership with Designability, a leading design charity.

Putting people at the centre of health innovation, the challenge looked for product design ideas from citizens to meet specific personal needs to maximise independent living. The project didn’t look at ideas about health service design or re-design or software ideas but instead focussing on practical tools and products.

What did we do?

Throughout June and July 2015, we asked members of the public to share their daily experiences of living with a challenging health condition. Ideas were shared and discussed through a series of workshops, our website and social media and brought to life with a team of design specialists led by Designability.

What were the results?

Three ideas were selected and Designability has worked closely with potential users to develop into design prototypes for testing and potentially turning into products.

The three ideas selected were:

  • A personalised companion trolley
  • A child seat harness that can be fastened with one hand
  • A portable bidet for personal hygiene when away from home

You can read more about the selected ideas here

How do I find out more?

If you are interested in how the project was run, you can take a look at our project report.

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