Take a look at this short video about the Music Memory Box.

What is the project?

Feature image 1_Leather Music Memory Box

The Music Memory Box was designed co-productively with individuals with dementia and their families. It is a box containing objects chosen by the owner to represent friends, family and key memories. As each object is put in the centre, the box plays a specific piece of audio, encouraging the owner to recall memories. The Music Memory Box is a reminiscence tool for both the person with dementia and the family of those with dementia, more effective than current methods as it is multi-sensory and personal.

Who are we looking for?

Chloe is looking to test the Music Memory Box with people with dementia and their families, friends and carers.

Silk Music Memory Box 2 smaller

How do I get involved?

We are looking for people to feedback on the Music Memory Box via our survey and test the prototypes. Your  input will help guide the next stage of the product’s development, ensuring the product meets the needs of those using it.

If you would like to get involved, sign up to our community and take our survey here.

More about Chloe

Chloe runs an award winning social design studio called STUDIO MEINECK. The studio specialises in designing with people rather than for people. Chloe has experience in co-production and project management, with Music Memory Box and her latest project Trove.

Chloe has worked with people with dementia across the UK and Japan on national and international design and art residencies. Her first Music Memory Box was designed and made with a loved one with dementia. Most recently she was invited to talk about both Music Memory Box and Trove at SXSW in the US on a panel discussion about Calm Technologies and Subtle Interfaces. Music Memory Box, although still a prototype, was a finalist in the National Dementia Care Awards 2015 in the Most Outstanding Product Category.

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