The initial phase of the Design Together Live Better project has now ended.

From the website, the workshops and other opportunities people have had since May 2015 when the project launched there have been many ideas for tools and products to maximise independence put forward for discussion.

The project team are now working on the next phase of the project which is to identify a small number of ideas that can be worked up in much more detail, made into a prototype and hopefully prepared for commercialisation.

This means that whilst new ideas can be put forward at any time onto the website or by email, and discussions continued about needs and benefits of particular designs of products, these new ideas will need to be reviewed by the project team when the current phase of idea and prototype development has concluded.

News about the development of the ideas from the first phase of the project will appear on this website in due course.

In the meantime, please do continue to share thoughts about ways that you or people you know can maximise their independence.