We’ve had lots of great ideas coming through both the Design Together, Live Better website via email, telephone, discussion forums and from the workshops, so please keep them coming!


Karen Woodford has written to us with her daily issue and a great idea for a solution to the problem. Karen said:

“I have an horrendous time remembering to take my medication. During the day, I only take one tablet every 3 hours but oh what havoc if I forget.

“The reason being is that at the moment I rely in my mobile phone calendar to remind me to take it. No problem if I am by my phone. However, frequently, at work, I go into a meeting or go into the kitchen to make a cup of tea albeit the kitchen is only a matter of 15′ away, I do not hear my phone.

“OK – I hear you say, why not get an alarm watch. Well I am in the middle of looking for one that looks like a watch – they all look like mini computers with 10 dials or so on the clock face. Can’t all that stuff be hidden and the watch be on a silver coloured strap with a few sparkly bits. Do I really have to announce to the world that I have a disability?

“What I really want is a watch with room in the back for say three tablets. So that wherever I am and whatever I am doing, I can take them just there and then. If I have gone into a meeting and my alarm goes off (on the watch supposing I find an attractive one), then I don’t want to have to excuse myself and go and get the tablets, drawing attention to myself.

“Not only have PD people got poor memories but I actually try and forget the fact that I am ill. I’d like to think of nice things like where am I going to go on holiday not wasting my energy trying to remember that I need to take tablets.

“Alternatively, the back of the watch could have enough space to hold just one tablet (an emergency rescue tablet) which can be taken if a PD person has an off moment whereby the usual drugs stop working and/or if they cannot get the tablet out then a passer-by could. I know that some watches do have an ‘ALERT’ sign and of course, I cannot have it both ways but those are just a few ideas.”

Karen Woodford

Karen’s account has been posted with her approval