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Help us shape the next product aimed at helping people with dementia

Following the recent launch of the next phase of Design Together, Live Better, an online citizen innovation platform, our latest project the ‘Music Memory Box’ is looking for your input!

We are looking for feedback from the experts – that is, people living with dementia and those who are close to them, carers, family members, friends etc. Your input will help shape and design the next stage of the Music Memory Box’s development.

Music Memory Box is a personalised, multi-sensory tool for reminiscing. It is essentially a keepsake box, containing objects chosen by the user to represent friends, family and key memories.As each object is put in the centre, the box plays a specific piece of audio, encouraging the owner to recall memories. The Music Memory Box is a reminiscence tool for both the person with dementia and the family of those with dementia, more effective than current methods as it is multi-sensory and personal.

Chole Meineck runs Studio Meineck, which specialises in designing with people rather than for people is looking for people interested in giving feedback on the Music Memory Box, it’s design and functionality. Visit the Music Memory Box page to find out more about this project.

Interested in getting involved?

Sign up to the Design Together, Live Better community and start giving us your feedback on the product at